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Understanding the Science in Vastu Shashtra to Design Homes


It is a well known fact that colours and ambience have an impact on human psychology and well being. But there is an even bigger science called Vastu which is a mystery for most home buyers. Vastu involves the logical explanation of various scientific facts. Whenever we at Varija Home are approached to audit a site, there is always a concern and some basic Vastu requirements. The principles relate to natural energies and other similar properties of the Earth. Vastu Shastra mentions a few desirable characteristics for buildings and sites based on the energy flow called Prana in Sanskrit. Any interior design company in Delhi NCR or outside, and its professionals therefore always try to design everything to allow the free entrance of energy sources in the property and ensure that the energy flow remains undisturbed. However, one of the biggest challenges we face is that in residential complexes and societies, where there is a greater limitation of directional choices. Here, we suggest our clients to be practical by suggesting basic hacks .












Scientific Facts followed by Vastu

Vastu works on two scientific facts, which include the following-

  • Magnetic properties of the Earth and the magnetic and gravitational forces created by the Earth's inner materials

  • Axial rotation of the Earth: its centrifugal force created from its movements.


Magnetic Property

The Earth consists of dust and minerals obtained from the lava for 4.5 million years. It has many iron particles in molten and solid states with excellent magnetic properties. The North Pole of the Earth exerts the positive magnetic energy while the South Pole exerts the negative. Hence, the Earth surrounds a magnetic field all around its mass. When we break a magnet into small pieces, each part will have its separate North and South poles to work as individual magnets.


The Earth also divides into small pieces to become multiple units. The divisions obtain a magnetic field with its South and the North Pole. Home interior consultants design and decorate homes with iron as primary materials, as their magnetic effect which further magnifies the positive energy. Vastu shastra applies principles to make the most of the Earth's magnetic force.


Earth Rotation Force 

Vastu Shastra depends on the Earth's rotation force. Every one of us travel along the Earth's rotation by keeping our belongings in the NE direction at 1670 km/hour. The inclination of the Earth makes NE the forward direction. Accordingly, the Earth division, its construction buildings, and the user should never go against the motion. Other than that, the Earth rotates by inclining at 23.5 degrees towards the NE direction. The weight of humans should never hinder the rotation of the Earth. Accordingly, any interior design company in Delhi NCR and outside follows both Earth's rotation and the Vastu principle for-


  • Keeping low weight in NE corner and heavyweight in SW corner

  • Maintain a proper balance in the North-West and South-East corners with medium weight


Vastu's Relations with the Modern Physics 

Apartments and other residential units depend on microscopic and macroscopic effects of the electromagnetic and gravitational forces of the Earth. Both forces influence the inanimate and animate objects of the Earth directly. Here, the magnetic effect will involve both attraction and repulsion forces. In contrast, gravitation is a long-range attraction force. Modern physics interprets gravitational interactions based on the Theory of Relativity by Einstein. The theory interprets gravitation force based on space-time geometry.


Humans do not have any control over time but it has harmonious relations with the existing cosmos and may alter their dwelling space. Vastu Shastra shapes and defines spaces to design residential units so that they remain in harmony with nature or the Earth. It benefits the body and mind of the people occupying the homes. Dik or direction and Kaal or time is the two themes of Vastu Shastra and modern physics reflects space and time. Indeed, science has always remained a part of the studies and analysis of Vastu Shastra.


Modern physics has revealed many concepts of Natural law, which has also provided a building technology to transform the feeling and thinking of people. Accordingly, simple interior design and decor always promote clear thinking, good health, harmony, happiness, and prosperity for the family members. For instance, Vastu and modern physics both say that a Southern entrance is inauspicious and it interferes with the Natural Law support and brings negativity to the building inhabitants.


Vastu Shastra always mandates ideal places for the kitchen, living room, dining rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Interior design consultants in Delhi NCR or anywhere else for that matter study everything to place and decorate each room of a home in the right location based on its function. Similar to the placement of every part of a human body, every room of the home has an ideal proportion based on Natural Law to give it the highest possible support.


Vastu Shastra Combines Five Elements of the Earth

 Vastu Shastra for home and science both analyze five elements present in the universe. These include the following- 



Water is the largest element of the Universe and the human body consists of approximately 80 percent of water. Besides, two-thirds of the Earth has water. On the other hand, as per Vedas, water highlights purity and consciousness. Considering the Vastu principle related to water and the scientific reason for it, the best interior designers place water bodies in the North area of your house. Furthermore, the Northern area of your home accumulates energy waves to allow the water to exert positivity.



Earth is the second element associated with Vastu for homes. It influences human lives and it has significance for other elements. The Earth consists of mud, soil, plants, and trees. An interior design company in Delhi NCR or anywhere in the world (if following Vastu) would choose the SW area of your home to place earth elements. One can maintain your plants and grow nurseries and small trees to maintain the balance of nature in your home. 



Vastu highlights the significance of fire in the design and décor of your home. The fire element is the force and it resonates with the sun to provide light and warmth to the entire world. Fire element also provides food in a home, as it aids in cooking food and keeping us safe and warm. Moreover, as a rogue element, fire highlights a few strong emotions, like determination, passion, devotion, and courage.


Hence, Vastu tips recommend you place fire elements in the Southeast area of your property. In other words, kitchen, kitchen stoves, fireplaces, and electrical appliances must be in the southeast direction of your home. Other than that, your house should possess proper ventilation to invite the fire element via the sunlight. In this way, you bring positive energy into your property as the fire element reflection.



Vastu principle and modern science emphasize the requirement of proper ventilation across every area or room of your home. The air is also a vital element, as life on the Earth exists only because of oxygen or air. Vastu principle says that the air must enter your home from the Northeast. A good interior design company always follows precise directions to position doors, windows, and ventilators in each room of your home. You may complement the air with wind chimes and metal bells to exert positivities.



Science says that the Space is vast and it influences daily human life. Indeed, you have to maintain the balance of Space element in your home. Vastu principle for homes also advice that the space center in your home should possess proper ventilation and remain vacant. Homeowners should never place any obstructing object around and in this space. When the space remains opened to the sky, it benefits a household. Direct entry for space always invites water, sunlight, and air.


Therefore, when you design and décor your home according to Vastu Shashtra, you will expect to get a balanced environment and makes sure to improve your health, wealth, and happiness.

Get in touch with the right interior design company or consultant for best understanding of Vastu science and the logic behind it.

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