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Interior Decoration Tips: 10 Effective Tips to Improve your Home Space

Interior design is a lot of science which one often neglects while designing their homes or offices. While there are several interior design firms or even Pinterest that may suggest an ideal décor for your home, but I insist that the design should reflect your needs, choices and lifestyle than that of the designer. I have often found myself trying to explain the logic behind our choices as an interior design firm.  A décor/design strategy for any home or office space should display effective elements that serve a purpose along with adding a style statement. If you have an eye for design, you will be able to design your home/space effortlessly, however if you need expert advice our team of interior designers is just a call away😊

Trending Décor Details

Home design trends are constantly changing. An Interior designer can offer you knowledge about the latest trends in home design, which are taking over the market.

Popular home design trends include clean and minimalistic designs, modern kitchens, and living rooms that focus on natural light. However, in India, where there is abundance of art and cultural heritage, neo classical is the trend in interior design.  Let’s look at a few tips that can instantly lift your home or space.


10 Easy Tips to Improve Your Home's Space with Design

Taking advise from the best interior designer to know what it takes to make a house feel like a home, is always the best option. Their expertise will help you create a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


In the meantime, you can adopt these easy tricks for redecorating your space:

1.Evaluate the sun light illuminating a room. Light walls can create an illusion of an open space if natural light is dim. These walls are also perfect to highlight accents and other elements of your design and décor.

2. Adding different textures to your space adds more character and story-

It can give a space a sense of depth too with the correct use of lighting.


3. An easy way to lift any space or room is to add bright accents. Look for interior design company in Delhi NCR or outside to know the most trending accent tones and palettes for your room. Many online home decor brands have interesting offers, that you may not find in physical retail. If you are planning to diy, then follow a simple formula. Go for bright accessories if you have plain walls or furniture, and more minimalist pieces against textured surfaces to create a perfect balance.

4. Using a colored rug that contrasts the color of your walls adds a statement to your room. You can also opt for very light coloured curtains or blinds against dark walls and vice versa. These contrast elements maintain the character of each element as well as add functionality to your design and space.


5. Choose neutral colors for fixed items like furniture, lighting fixture and fans. This design trick helps you change the color scheme without buying new furniture or accessories every few years. Just changing the colour of upholstery, wall papers and accessories periodically can give a whole new look to an old space.


6.Materials like wood or stone, instead of synthetic ones like plastic or metal add a rustic charm to any design. Natural materials apart from adding warmth, infuse luxury in to your space.

7.Adding plants to corners can literally add more life in your décor. Create an inviting entrance by adding plants in pots around the door frame.


8.Place furniture in a manner that helps you easy movement. Do not keep anything that comes in the way of any door opening.


9.Try out new colors for your blankets and sheets every time a new season rolls around. Opt for the mint green in light and dark patterns in spring and a bright teal for summer. These small steps can help you change the look or feel of your room in every season. Textile colours and textures can help control the temperature of your room, while subtly playing on your moods and psychology

10. Mirrors make your own reflection larger and help to give the illusion of a larger space. Use in abundance in in living rooms and dining areas.

Apart from these easy steps, selecting the correct color palette for your home is extremely important. The color palette is one of the most important elements in a home's decor. The key to choosing the right color palette for your home is to do an audit of natural light and dynamic paintings (view outside the windows). Then start with a mood board. A team of experts at Interior design companies present you with a mood board, that helps you visualize and develop a palette for your space. The colors are often chosen on the following basis:

Color Temperature: Warm colors can add warmth and richness to a room.  Cool colors can create a feeling of crispness and freshness.

Hue:  When mixed together in equal parts, they are colors that create white light. Complementary colors will help you achieve a more cohesive look for your room.

Value: When picking colors, it's good to avoid dark hues because they can make the room look smaller and drearier. At the same time, rich medium tones will help you avoid that effect. The closer you get to white and yellow, the airier and light the room will feel.

Bonus! Expert's Advice!

The Importance of Proper Lighting:

Proper ambient lighting in your home plays a crucial role in the design of your home.

With assistance from interior design consultants, you can choose the perfect lighting hue for your interiors. They have the required expertise and knowledge about the details and requirements of different light settings for different spaces!

Consulting an interior designer can be beneficial for many reasons: it will save you time, money, and energy. In addition, you will be able to make more educated decisions for your space than opt for futile repairs and amendments later!

Our team at VARIJA HOME is always happy to assist you in making your living better.

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